All programming paradigms are, essentially, illusions directed at helping our minds comprehend our programs’ state space. We all know that down there, in its raw form, code becomes a sequence of binary machine instructions that only care about registers and arithmetic. But what happens before that is magic!

Advancements in programming language development have significantly impacted our software, and through it, the world we live in. The natural question we can ask is: “How to make a good programming language?” Unfortunately, the answer isn’t simple.

There are thousands of programming languages out there. Of course, most of them either forgotten…

Don’t be WET. Be DRY.

Why and how I wrote the Idioma Rust Library


It is almost certain that, as a software engineer, you will write a command line application (CLI) at some point in your life. I wrote a few myself. Every command line tool prints handy messages to stdout from time to time, and to do so, requires a function or two. I noticed that whenever I start a CLI tool (for instance in Rust), I tend to copy the file that contains those display functions from my last project. That is simply no good.

The practice of manually migrating your display functions from project to project has a few significant…

Viktor A. Rozenko Voitenko

I view programs as usable art objects. Who am I? I am an artist.

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